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Every ounce invested remains on the premises of the Mint at all times and cannot be loaned out Since 1899, investors have stored and traded precious metal with the Mint AAA credit rating of Western Australia by US Standard & Poor's Internationally accredited by the London Bullion Market Association, the New York Commodities Exchange and the Tokyo Commodities Exchange Insured precious metal by Lloyds of London (no cost to you)

NO STORAGE FEES applicable on unallocated storage Low minimum initial investment of AU $5,000 Storage is available for gold and silver.

Arrange collection or delivery of your precious metal at any time Perth Mint Certificates are TRANSFERABLE and NON-NEGOTIABLE Select precious metal bullion and or bars At any time convert from an unallocated to allocated storage account.

Your vaulting relationship with The Perth Mint is private, protected under the Gold Corporation Act 1987 and the Perth Mint Certificate Program's administrative procedures This is the world's only Government guaranteed precious metal accumulation program The Mint is operated by Gold Corporation that is wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia